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Hey! Thanks for taking the first step in joining the Armago team (we tend to call ourselves Armagoons!). 


We’re a fun, perhaps a little crazy, bunch of students who don’t take ourselves too seriously but will work extremely hard and are prepared to take big risks to pull off something incredible. 


Armago began in 2019, with the aim to make sport at university more accessible. It’s been a crazy ride so far to say the least. Getting an app developed hasn’t been easy. At one point, we had to scratch 9 months of work and cash and start the process again. We’ve also faced many challenges in the early stages of getting our app out there to the world. But, each time, being an Armagoon we dust ourselves down, learn from our mistakes and take the next ambitious leap forward. 


We’ve also had our fair share of good fortune. For example when we stumbled across one of the leading world app designers in the world who supported us on the early app designs. We’ve also been honoured to feature a number of world-leading athletes on our podcast - The Armago Podcast. 


Most recently, we secured early investment, launched the app in Bristol and now we’re looking to double down on our growing community before we extend Armago across the UK. 


Fancy joining us for the next chapter? Check out the open positions below. 


Open Positions

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