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We hope you’ve got some balls for this role. Getting Armago out to the world will take a certain level of courage and willingness to really put ourselves out there. We’d hate to do boring marketing campaigns and guerrilla marketing is right up our street.


So what will you be doing?


  • Got an idea for how we can market Armago on the street or at a club training session? Great, let’s give it a try. Ever heard of the ’Thursday’ dating app. You can always look to what they’ve done in their marketing for inspiration.

  • You’ll work with others in the team to ensure all our bold moves fit in with overall aims and help to capture the right audience. You’ll also work with the rest of the social media team to portray the right messages and ensure what we do in person can be shown in the right light on our social media.

  • You won’t need any pre-existing experience in marketing. We’re just looking for a willingness to really go for it. We’ll be with you every step of the way. Oh and we may call you in from time to time to do an interview with one of the athletes from the Armago Podcast on Instagram Live. 


Qualities we look for:

  • Outgoing

  • Prepared to take risks

  • Work well within a team environment

  • Up for a challenge, always

Ready to apply?

Email with 3 reasons why you should be considered for this role.

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