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Digital marketing

Our online presence will become increasingly important as Armago expands. We aim to really showcase our platform online so that students can feel a strong part of our growing community. 


So what will you be doing?


  • You’ll be working with several others in the team to create content around Armago’s involvement with sports clubs as well as promoting our individual matching feature. You’ll be required to work well within a team environment, take risks where necessary and feedback the results of digital campaigns.

  • Whilst not essential, we would expect a level of understanding for editing photos and videos as well as some level of knowledge around the use of data to understand the success of posts online. However, a willingness to learn and improve is just as important as the preexisting knowledge and understanding. 

  • No two days will be the same in Digital marketing. One day you might be working on content from a podcast episode with a world-class athlete, the next you’ll be creating a poll on instagram to gather feedback from our users. Being proactive and finding the opportunities is key. 


Qualities we look for:

  • An eye for quality

  • Hard working and organised

  • Prepared to take measured risks where necessary

  • Work well within a team environment

Ready to apply?

Email with 3 reasons why you should be considered for this role.

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