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club relations

The University Sports Clubs are at the heart of what we are doing with Armago. We want to work with them to the best of our abilities to make their lives easier in running their clubs so they can spend more time building their club community. 


So what will you be doing?


  • Turning up to club training sessions. We need to help them get the most out of the app. We’ll need to look at creative ways in which we can help them onboard all their members as well as supporting the committee. But, we don’t stop there. How can we go above and beyond to really show the clubs what it means to be a part of the Armago community? We’ll let you think on that.

  • Online support for the clubs. As the Armago community grows, so too will the requirement for online support. It’s important that we’re hasty with this. No one likes to wait around nowadays. We also like to take things further though. What measures can we take in Armago to make sure no one ever has that enquiry again?

  • Get involved with our ambitious marketing plans. Whether it’s doing a live with one of our podcast guests on social media; getting out on the streets with marketing material or just taking a loudspeaker along to training events on the downs. You’ll have to be courageous and bold to get yourself heard. 


Qualities we look for:


  • Outgoing and prepared to put yourself out there.

  • Up for a challenge, always.

  • Prepared to take measured risks where necessary.

  • Hard working and organised. 

Ready to apply?

Email with 3 reasons why you should be considered for this role.

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